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Tal Saadon, M.Sc.

Tal is Medical Cannabis agronomist.


Tal has 10 years of experience in commercial agriculture, mainly in medical Cannabis and organic agriculture. Tal has experience in over 20 crops, both open field, and greenhouse cultivation, with extensive experience in working with biological pesticides and beneficial insects and microbes. Tal was cultivation manager at Pharmocann – one of the first medical Cannabis farms in Israel and was in charge of all processes from seeding to harvesting and drying, including choosing growing substrate and fertilization. Beyond his extensive field experience, Tal also has lab experience in both analytical chemistry and microbiology, which he acquired while working at Volcani Center, a governmental agriculture research facility.


Tal has B.Sc. in plant protection and M.Sc. from the soil and water department where his thesis focused on greenhouse climate control, both from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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