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About IMCI Pharmaceuticals

Who We Are?

IMCI is a pharmaceutical company that develops innovative pharma-grade and formulated cannabis-based medications to treat chronic indications with a global reach.

IMCI has developed a precise and effective dose together with an easy-to-use administration, suitable for any patient population at any time and place via its iCann medicinal cannabis platform.

IMCI research and development is based on an Israeli leading academic research institution in collaboration with established Israeli pharmaceutical providers which together with its team members, possess a proven track record in developing innovative cannabis-based medications.

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Who we are

Our Vision

To become a leading pharmaceutical company, who will develop pharmaceutical and medicinal cannabis-based novel medicines to treat prevalent health conditions at an affordable price.

Our Vision
White Pathway

We are open for business



We are open to partnering with others to develop and commercialize new products for new indications.


We are looking to work with certified and established local distributors to distribute our products to pharmacies.

Business Planing
Partner with us
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