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Management Team

Prof. Abraham J. Domb, PhD


Abraham J. Domb is the head of the School of Pharmacy and a Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Biopolymers at the School of Pharmacy and Forensic Sciences at the faculty of Law of Hebrew University.

Prof. Domb is the Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Science and Technology in Israel.

Prof. Domb earned BSc in Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, and Law; Diplomas in Business Management and Textile Science and Ph.D. from The Hebrew University.

Prof. Domb did his postdoctoral training at Syntex, MIT, and Harvard. Since 1991 he is at the Hebrew University. During 2007-2012 he headed the Division of Forensic Science at the Israel Police. During 2014-2016 he served as president of the College of Engineering. Since 2018, he is the head of the School of Pharmacy of the Hebrew University.

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