Dr. Silviu Brill

Dr. Brill is a Specialist in Anesthesiology & Specialist in Pain Management.

Dr. Brill is Director in the Institute for Pain Medicine & Center for Research on Cannabinoids at the Tel Aviv Medical Center in Israel, which is the biggest pain care center in Israel and in Europe.


Dr. Bill uses to be President of the Israeli Pain Association and President of the Pain section of the Israeli Society of Anesthesiology.

Dr. Brill is an Honorary Secretary of the European Pain Federation.

He is a Reviewer for Anesthesia & Analgesia, Clinical Orthopaedics & Related Research Journal, Harefua, European Journal of Pain and for Chief Scientist Office, Ministry of Health.

He is also a Member of the European Pain Federation Cannabinoids Task Force as well as, Member, Education Committee EFIC (European Federation of IASP Chapters)

Dr. Brill is also a Chairperson of the Pain Specialization Committee for Accreditation and Control, Scientific Council, Israel Medical Association and Examination Committee, European Pain Federation, Diploma in Pain Medication.


Dr. Brill is one of the first physicians to write a recommendation for medical Cannabis treatment to patients with pain syndrome in Israel.

He conducted dozens of lectures the promote the use of medical Cannabis in Israel Europe and the USA.

He is a member of the first committee on Cannabis medical treatment indication of Israel Ministry of Health.

Chair of the Taskforce for the Medical use of for Chronic Pain of the European Pain Federation

Leading author of "Position paper on the appropriate use of cannabis-based medicines for chronic pain management"   European Pain Federation (EFIC)

Member of the Executive Board of the Israeli Medical Cannabis association

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